About Me!

Hey there! I'mmmm Jordan and I'm so glad you're here! I am seamstress, sci-fi addict, thrift store junkie, spray paint loving, fabric hoarding, fandom shipping, cosplay wearing nerd who really likes naps and Chipotle (not sponsored by or affiliated with the  fantasticness that is Chipotle in any way but if they want to change that then I am ALL EARS!)
I love anything that can fall under 'crafty', and I believe ANYTHING can be made beautiful with a little faith and some spray paint!
When I am not locked away in my craft room with my sewing machine and glue gun you can find me curled up on the couch watching Netflix with my wonderful husband of 4 years, chasing my two spunky daughters around, and stressing out about where the military is going to move us next.

If you like Doctor Who, Supernatural, know who 'Hiddles' is and cant go see comic book movies in the theater because you point out everything that is different from the comics, you and me will get along just fine :)

Also, if you have problems throwing anything away because YOU MIGHT NEED THAT SOMEDAY, we can be best friends.
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