Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Prettiful Paper Protector Picture Pockets!

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Alliteration are awesome! Baha okaynowanyway! This is going to be a shortsie post, but I found this project on Pinterest....SOMEWHERE...and loved the idea and it was so EASY. When I make some more I will post a tutorial for you guys, because, likeIsaid, EASY. 

So the most handsome man on the plan-, I mean, my fiance, (who shall henceforth be referred to as 'The Fabulous Mr. S') just went through Navy Basic Training, and while he was gone, I wrote him a letter for every day he was there. And, (as much for me as for him) with every day he was gone, I would take a picture of the number of days he had left and send it to him. It gave me a challenge and it helped the days go by :) I didn't want to just throw the pictures away, so I decided to save them in my Large Purple Notebook Of Mr. S's Things :)

When I post the tutorial, I will take better pictures. basically, all you do is sew vertical channels in a regular ol' sheet protector, put your papers/pictures/flowers/whatevers in and then sew them in nice and snug with horizontal channels! The possibilities for these are ENDLESS, and I am hoping to do some more in the very near future. I'll share with you guys, of course, because ya'll are fabulous :)

Also, this can be good if scrapbooking isn't your speed, but you still want to preserve your memories in a easily accessible (and still cute, in my opinion!) way.


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