Sunday, March 31, 2013

Poison Ivy Cosplay :: Progress! :D

 So if your read my last post about the tights, you'll  know I'm going to Boston Comic Con in April. SO EKKTHITED!! I decided on Poison Ivy, because I *thought* that would be the least time consuming costume to make on such short notice. 

Wrong-o, Jordan, wrong-o. 

I bought a bunch of silk leaves at Dollar Tree and have spent the last week or so sewing these same said leaves onto the bodice I made. AND I AM STILL NOT DONE. I still have to sew leaves onto the bottom half of my costume. Thankfully, after that all I will have left is to spray paint some boots, which should be quick (hopefully) and make some gloves. Anddddd I am in charge of my husband's costume. Which I haven't quite started. Ehmahgoodness. I have tracked and strewn leaf bits to every corner of our apartment. I even found one in the shower this morning. O.O ANYWAY. Pictcha time!

This was an 'in-progress.' I still felt like I had spent my entire life on these leaves lol

If you're wondering why its on a pillow, well, that's because I lost my brain for a minute and made the bodice lining out of a knit. 'Knits would be awesome,' said Jordan's Brain, 'Stretchy and great for a form fitting body suit!'

Which is great until you cover every square inch of it with leaves. SO. I stuffed it with a pillow to try and hold its shape while I sewed the leaves on. Supah sexah pillow, right?? Hahaha 

Like I said, I've still got a little ways to go, but I was just excited with what was done so far! Yay for self validation through blogging! lol Oh dear.



  1. That looks really cool. You definitely have to post ya'lls finished costumes. :-)

    Lauren E.

  2. what did you use to create the bodice? just pantyhose?


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