Monday, October 29, 2012

How To Resize Your (elastic) Belts! (Temporarily OR Permanently!)

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I'm sure all of us have at least one or ten of these kinds of belts. You know, the ones that are stretchy and mostly made out of really wide elastic?

(Please let me apologize in advance for the picture quality, I did this on the fly and thought it'd be a fabulous idea to just use my cellphone for picture documentation -.-)

 I love them and have amassed a collection over the past few years. I mostly prefer to wear them around my rib cage, as opposed to my hips, because I wear a bunch of high-waisted skirts. Sometimes, however, after wearing them for a while, they tend to get a bit stretched out and don't stay up the way you like. Or, you might see one of these belts and REALLY love it, but its too big! I SAY, BUY IT ANYWAY. If its too big, its a snap to make it fit you just right!

This particular belt I have had since high school. It still fits, but I had to poke another hole it in, and thusly there is a big tail of extra belt left over. Say 'no' to big extra tails!! They can make the belt look off centered (horrors!) and, in my case, I'm constantly thwacking it with my elbow or arm. So WHAT is a girl to do??

There are 2 ways to do this! If you want to re-size the belt permanently, you can, but if you aren't comfortable  with that or just don't want to have your belt a permanent size, you can do the temporary fix also! I do both, and will explain both here :) They are equally easy!

Option #1: Temporary Re-size

For this, you will need to find a few safety pins.

AWESOME. So first, you are going to want to center your belt buckle on the belt, so you don't have a big tail hanging off to one side, like so.

Next, with the belt still fastened, you are going to want to 'pinch' the excess belt so it fits your waist better, like so:

Grab some sturdy safety pins and pin where you pinched!

Turn the belt inside out, and voila! 

Option #2: Permanent Re-size

For this method, you will repeat all of the above steps, except instead of pinning where you pinched, you will sew a straight stitch line. Make sure your belt is inside out before sewing!

See the line? :D

And there you have it! Super fast and almost totally free! And most huge tail hanging off!

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