Thursday, March 20, 2014

Miracle DIY Pillow Whitening Solution {Pin-testing}

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This is one of those pins that has been sitting on my pinterest for...a while now. A longlonglong while now. It was abruptly resurrected from the dark recesses of my 'Good Intentions' pin board this afternoon whilst I was changing the sheets on our bed. I got to the pillowcases, and when I removed them I was greeted with some of the nastay-ist (not just regular nasty. NAST. TAY) yellow pillows I've ever seen. Ew. Ew Ew. 

Quite frankly I am almost ashamed to post pictures of our pillows. That's how sad they are. BUT in the sake of honest blogging, I shall share with you all the pillows in their yellow glory. 

Firstly though, the pin I had saved was How to Wash and Whiten Yellow Pillows by One Good Thing by Jillee. It looked easy enough and the only ingredient I didn't have was Borax, which I picked up at my local Dollar General.  Go check our her recipe!

The happy helper ingredient people...
-Dishwasher Powder
-Nellie's Laundry Soda

Annnddd the pillows. Are you guys ready for this? I'm not. Deep breath...annddd....


I filled the washer halfway with HOT water and added the ingredients...then added the pillows and let the washer go to town. I also rinsed them twice.

After rinsing I threw them in the dryer on low with some dryer balls. AFTER WHAT SEEMED LIKE FOREVER, I pulled them out of the dryer, and lemme tell you guys, I was absolutely floored by how AWESOME they look! See for yourself!

What a difference?! SO SPARKLAY. I will definitely DEFINITELY be doing this with the rest of my pillows! PIN WINNING!

SO for recap purposes...


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