Sunday, February 18, 2018

Dollhouse Brick Tutorial

Hey guysss! I have been working on my 'brick' foundation for my dollhouse, and I wanted to share a quick tutorial with you guys about how I did it! 

I have seen several BEAUTIFUL bricking tutorials where people use cut up egg cartons. I must admit I was feeling like...way too lazy for that, so I tried to come up with a slightly lazier simpler solution.

I found these adhesive backed cork sheets at Hobby Lobby in the scrapbooking section. They were half off so I got a couple sheets for $1 a piece! (YASSS SALES) How much you need will depend on how big of an area you are wanting to brick. I am only doing my foundation, so I just bought two sheets. 

ALSO, before you start, I would HIGHLY recommend doing ALL of your cork sheets at one time. Do more than you think you will helps the finished product look more cohesive. Because yay cohesion!

OK. So, I grabbed a bunch of ...brick colored acrylic paints I had in my large box o' paints. These were just the cheap bottles you can find at Walmart or any craft store. I also applied them with a kitchen sponge...because, texture things and stuff.

I didn't try to be too neat here, because the more random and splotchy the colors are the more brick-like (brickish? brickly? brickesque?) they will be.

I laid down a base coat of red, and then dabbed back over it in several different colors.

Ignore the medicine syringe. The small humans brought it to me lol

After your paint dries, turn your sheets over and mark off the height you want your bricks on the back. I used a piece of college ruled notebook paper to mark my lines, because, well, #lazyprobz.

Using an x-acto or other delightfully pointy object, carefully cut out along the lines. Cutting from the back makes cutting the cork 10000% easier and shreds it less than cutting from the front.

Then, you get to cut your strips into SEVEN THOUSAND TINY RECTANGLES. I highly recommend doing this whilst binging Netflix. 

Then, you can simply peel off the paper backing and MASON THAT SUCKER. I am sorry for the potato quality of this picture, but I will take better pictures once I've grouted it!

That's it! Really easy, just tedious!

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