Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Steam Mop Pads from Towels (Quick and Easy Tutorial)

Hi everybody! I bet you're wondering where in doodleflop I've been for the past 8 months. And that is an rather droll story that involves lots of doctors and hospitals; very tedious, super boring. BUT. I have returned and bring you this super simple tutorial for making your own steam mop pads...yay!

The majority of our house is floored with tile, so my wonderful husband picked me up the Swiffer/Bissell Steam Boost a few weeks ago. {You can find it here}

I just now got around to using it and I must say I was very pleased with it. I also really liked the pads it came with...they smelled nice and cleaned well. However, the replacements are about $9 for 20, and over time it adds up. SO I decided to make my own washable ones! Its really easy, even for a beginning seamstress! And what was awesome, I already had everything I needed on hand...and you probably do to!

Steam Mop Pads from Towels :: Tutorial

You shall need...

:: A regular old wash cloth 
{You probably have an old one laying around somewhere OR you can swing by your local thrift store and pick some up for super cheap. ALSO. If your steam mop is on the bigger side, you might want to use a hand towel instead of a wash cloth}

:: Velcro
{I used the thinner size shown on the right. It might be 1/2 inch? I would shoot for no smaller than 1/2 inch just to make sure it stays all nice and fastened and the like}


:: A sewing machine

:: Thread

:: Scissors

:: Pins


STEP UNO : Lay out your wash cloth on the ground, and center your steam mop on it so the extra towel fabric is distributed evenly on both sides. Depending on which steam mop you have, you might have to use a hand towel instead.

STEP THE SECOND : Fold your towel over so it is giving your mop and nice warm towel hug.


STEP THREE : {I completely didn't take a picture of the interactive part of this step you guys...I'm so sorry! I blame the pregnancy hormones!} So I kinda just eye balled this part, but, you are going to want to mark with pins where your velcro is going to go. HOW VAGUE IS THAT? Does this picture help at all??

You guys see what's happening here? You want to put one piece of velcro in each corner basically, so when it folds around your mop, it can fasten. I left one side of the velcro intentionally long so I can adjust and stuff and things.

Here is one side...with the small pieces of the scratchy velcro...

And here is the other side with the long pieces of soft velcro...

STEP FOURTH : Once you have pinned on your velcro, try it on your mop to make sure it will fit and fasten on nice and snug. Adjust accordingly.

STEP FIVE : Once you've got everything nice and where you want it...SEW THAT VELCRO ON, YO.


STEP THE LAST : Put that puppy on your steam mop and mop with joy knowing you are saving yourself money and things! When it gets dirty...just throw it in the wash!

I've used mine a few times and it works awesome!


To get a nice deep cleany clean, I'd definitely recommend using some sort of homemade floor cleaner with these. There are a ton of options lurking around Pinterest and the interwebz!
{Check some of those out here}

If you are looking for more absorbency, you can definitely add another towel layer; just sew them together first.

These can be made with microfiber cloths, which are nice and absorby also!



  1. Looks great! I've made these with elastic before and that works well too and depending on your cleaner it can also help to quilt the towel for absorbency. (I used elastic because for some reason I have a dislike for Velcro....) :-(

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