Friday, April 19, 2013

Poison Ivy Cosplay

I recently posted a progress picture of my Poison Ivy cosplay that I was working on, and I have wonderful and not so wonderful news!

The Wonderful : I finished and I LOVE IT.

The Not-So-Wonderful: The convention I was going to wear it to got canceled. Which, quite honestly, I don't blame them. The convention in question was Boston Comic Con, and most of you probably know the horrific bombing that took place earlier this week, which cause most of the city and surrounding area to be shut down.

So I have this costume, and nowhere to wear it...what's a girl to do? 


 I decided to make the bodysuit in two pieces; one because I didn't want to have to wriggle out of it every time I went to the bathroom, and two because I didn't want my whole backside hanging out of some thong-like contraption. SO I opted for a not so high cut leg and a more covered tookus :)

I am going to finish my husband's costume tomorrow and show hi-...I mean it off in my next post :)


  1. Absolutely love your costume! Nice work!

    Lauren E.

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  3. Is there any way you would be selling this cosplay? :o


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