Wednesday, April 17, 2013

50¢ Shirt Re-do!

  Rummage sales are basically crack to me. I'm not even ashamed of it. No ma'am. I love them because you can get clothes for basically nothing. As in, 'cheaper than the thrift store' nothing. YES PLEASE!? So the local Methodist church down the street had a rummage sale last Saturday, and my husband (who is the best sport in the world, ohmygoodness) and me toodled down there to check it out. While I didn't get much in terms of quantity, I totally scored in this gem of a...shirt thingy! It was super big, but lots of times, the super big stuff gives you the most room and freedom to experiment with! And it was in excellent condition. And it was shiny. And bright. And essentially everything that is glorious in a shirt. AND 50¢! So done and done. 

It was a skeesh big, likeIsaid, but definitely workable! And it made me looks like I had no arms, apparently. Because I stand weird. ANYWHO. I think what I liked most is that all the little details were still the stones weren't dangling off like you see a lot of at the thrift store. 

I added lots of darts, took in the sides, and hemmed the sleeves and bottom hem.. I also added little slits to the sides to make it more...more...I just like slits. :D

Seriously you guys, I don't know how to pose in pictures, ever. I end up looking like a do-do head.

All I have left is to fray-check the bageebies out of the seams (this fabric shreds like cray cray) and I'll be done! Tell me what you think!

AND. I also got these crazy weird coolio shoes! AND THEY MATCH PERFECTLY. AND POMPOMS.

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  1. Very cute! I love rummage sales too, I went to one a couple of weeks ago and bought a ton of stuff.



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