Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Phone Charger + Washi Tape DIY

Who wants a cute 10 minute (or less!) project? Yes? YOU DO? OKAY.

If you guys are anything like us guys, you have a handful of technological things laying about your house...phones, cameras, laptops, Kindles, etc. And you guys probably know what comes with technological things...chargers. The amount of chargers we have accrued over the past few years is rather ridiculous, and the Fabulous Mr S and I are always trying to sort through the wad of cords and cables and prongs to figure out which one belongs to which device...and I usually end up accidentally unplugging something important in the meantime. SO. If that sounds like you...


- Your phone charger...{or laptop or kindle or camera}
- Decorative Washi tape 
{Most craft stores have this...look in scrapbooking! Joann's had a bunch of rolls for 2/$.97}
- Scissors

1) Take your tape...

2) ...and your charger {Camera charger (minus the cable)}...

3) ...and your other charger {phone}...

4) ...and simply cover whichever parts of your charger you deem necessary! You can do stripes or do a solid cover on the top...whatever you fancy!

Camera chahghah after! I just cut equal strips of tape to fit the top :)

Phone charger after! I used the flowered print for the top and the blue and white pattern in a strip around the sides. I also added a piece to the part that plugs into my phone!

See? Easy peasy lemon squeezy! I think I am going back to the store today to get another pattern or two for my various other plugins! 

Total cost: $0.97

You can do it!

**UPDATE: I went back to the store and got more tape! Yay!

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