Saturday, February 15, 2014

{My Thrifted Closet + Transformed Threads} :: $1 Valentine's Day Dress

Hey fabulous people! After some thought to where I wanted this blog to go, I've decided to started a series called 'My Thrifted Closet.' A lot of people probably think thrift store clothing = your grandma's clothes...which is understandable, 'cause, a lot of it IS your grandma's clothes (say noooo to high waisted gramma panties!). 


You CAN shop at the thrift store and look cute! 

wat. no u cant.

Yes! You absolutely can! And the plus side? You pay SO many less dollars! I dunno about you guys, but I have a hard time bringing myself to pay $45 for a shirt. Or $100 for a pair of pants. INSANITY I SAY. A good 85% of my wardrobe is from thrift stores, and yes, I wear it out in public ;) 

Which brings us to today's everso dire need for a Valentine's Day dress!

I picked up this largeish, rayon-y, and exceptionally shoulder-padded-y my local GoodWill for $1. 

DREAMY. Very Mrs. Claus.

I picked it up because it had so much going for it (believe it or not);
1. It was red. Valentine's!
2. There were no STAINS. Stains....NO BUENO!
3. I loved the lace at the can't tell but there are also these darling little pearls sewn all into it as well.
4. It was several sizes bigger than me.
{{When re-doing clothing, its always a good idea to start with a garment a few sizes bigger than you are because it gives you a bit (or a lot) more wiggle room and extra fabric to work with. Like in case you mess up. Not that I'd know. That neeevveerrrererer happens. O.O}}

I didn't end up taking many any in progress shots with this one (which I will do in the future!) because I was mildly crunched for time. Read: I started this 4 hours before we left for dinner.

Sooooo here are the afters! I was really jazzed at how it turned out!

A quick breakdown:
Chop off the sleeves
Chop off 3/4 of the skirt
Unpick the side seams and darts
Try on and take off dress like 4,506,203 times
Spend 30 minutes looking for your box of pins
Don't find pins
Take in the seams and darts
Adjust the height and width of arm holes

I randomly decided I liked the buttons down the back better...I love button backed things! I think it gives the back a nice little surprise. Or somethinseomthin.

Its terribly floofy and swingy! I kinda swayed my hips a bunch as the Fabulous Mr S and I were out and about :)

OH. And those weren't my cute sassy shoes. Cute sassy shoes rubbed cute sassy blisters and I traded them for my flippy floppies.

Yay! I loved wearing it! I will definitely wear it again...sometime in the future after the baby gets here, most likely. I am starting to enter the 'My clothes don't fit right around the ever expanding abdomen' phase, and it gave me a little bit of trouble with my normal sizing routine. BUT. I was super pleased and Mr S winked at me several times so that's perfect in my book :P

I hope you all had a lovely love-filled Valentine's Day!


  1. Neat! I love to alter thrift finds myself, will look forward to more of your crafting adventures :)

  2. You have true talent! Loved all of your make-overs so far! Great blog! pENNY


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