Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Case of the Yellow Closet Doors

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So we ran out of the white door paint that I was going to use to paint my closet doors. Well, one thing about me is that I don't cope well making up my mind to do something, and then having to put it on hold. It doesn't work well, because I'm impatient. Sooo, not wanting to wait and go to the store, I pulled out some buttery-yellow paint we had in the garage and went to work on my closet. I've gotta say, I really ended up loving how it turned out :)

A before...

I really think it complements the blue walls. (Oh, did I mention I painted!?) AND I found some cute initial door knobs at Hooby Looby for half off! Yay! (J and M are my initials; this would be a cute idea for a couples' closet, also, if you just used both of your first initials)

Thank you for looking!


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