Sunday, August 28, 2011

Spackle, Oh My!

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So I've been a busy bee recently! Okay, not really, but I have accomplished...more..than...what I had...previously...accomplished? Liikkeeee....SPACKLE! Goodness you never know how many holes you have until you have to spackle them! EeK!?

I also had to tear down the stuff on my closet doors. I wish I had a before picture, but the doors were completely covered with pictures and random papers from my recent past. Some of which I had GLUED on. Why? Not sure. But it was not fun trying to get the bits of glue off, no sir.

Also, if you notice, there is a LOT of spackle above and around the closet. Well, that is because Jordan had put up some 'SUPER EASY TO REMOVE AND REUSE' wall decals. If by 'easy to remove' they actually meant, 'easy to remove the SHEETROCK' then yes, that would be accurate. -.-

Well, that wasn't an exciting post, but there you have it! Until next time!


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