Friday, August 19, 2011

Dresser + Picture Frames = Easy Chic!

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My grandmother passed away recently, and I inherited this dresser:

Now darker brown woods aren't really my vibe, but I LOVED it due to all of the GLORIOUS DRAWERS. I love drawers. Especially in large amounts. So I decided I'd paint it white and maybe get a different novelty knob for each drawer, make it kinda kitschy-like. Good in theory, more or less.

After standing in the knob aisle of Hoobby Loobby (as my brother calls it) for the better part of an hour, trying to decide on seven random knobs, I gave up. I didn't want them to match...but...I wanted them to not match in a matchy sort of way. I did, however, snag a few small picture frames from a clearance shelf on my way out for a totally unrelated project.

Well the sad little dresser sat in the garage for a week or so before inspiration finally got around to descending upon me. (it normally takes a while).

I spray painted 7 small picture frames brown then silver (to antique them a bit) and nailed one on the front of each drawer. (If you need several frames and want them to match, place card frames work a treat! These are beautiful!) I also went back and sanded down the edges of all the drawers to break up the white-y whiteness of the dresser. The result?

I was very pleased with how it turned out. I haven't decided if I will actually go back and put pulls on the drawers or not. Cute > functionality, right?? The drawers actually slide very easily, but we shall see.

The breakdown:

Dresser = $Free!
Picture Frames = $12.75 (for 7)
Paint/Supplies = I already had it all on hand!
Time = ~4 hours

So all told this project was only about an afternoon of work and $13! Even though I already had the dresser, the local thrift stores constantly have a variety of dressers for fairly inexpensive that could be used for this! And I picked up some of my frames there also, for ~$.50 a piece! Check yours out today!



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