Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Spliced Dress (aka: tank top + skirt)

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Hello friends! I would like to apologize for my absence the past month or so; I fell off a pipe at the beach and did a fabulous job at injuring myself. BUT I am happy to say that I'm all healed up and back to my crafting ways bwahaha. ANYWAY.

So this idea is not originally mine by any means; its your basic pre-made tank top attached to a skirt to make a dress concept, but I had always wanted to try it so here is my take :)

The tank top I started out with was this one. I (one day, while snooping through the trash, like usual) fished it out of an old bag of clothing that was destined for a probably dismal fate. (Actually, to be honest, it wasn't this tank top exactly; it was one EXACTLY like it, only blue. But I didn't take a picture of it before I cut it up because I didn't think this would actually work ^.^)

I liked the detail over the yoke/collar a ton. The shirt, however, was gigantic on me, and the front had a habit of hanging dangerously low when I moved about. I AINT A LOOSE WOMAN.

I took in the sides but the top was still too low in the front for my tastes. SO I got to thinking, 'Hey, the back of the shirt is equally awesome...LETS TURN IT AROUND!'

So I did!

The skirt fabric was a jewel. It is a silk blend that was half-off at Jo-Ann's, plus I had a coupon, PLUS it was the last of the bolt so I got another percentage off! I got about 3 yards of it for like $5! I LOVE bright patterns!

I also like how it has a sort of vintage vibe. Or maybe that is just me, hehe. I am on the prowl for a belt to wear with it, to kinda break up the piece a little bit.

(if the skirt looks uneven, it is, well, because it is...its only pinned in this picture!)

The back.
It is kinda difficult to tell on the mannequin, but the button and keyhole add a cute addition the the back neckline. It falls in just the right place and is kind of unexpected!

Again, thank you all for your interest and support! It means so much to me!


**Edit: Creepy Myspace Mirror Action Shots complete with funnay facess...

I normally act this way....

The back, for perspective. I lost my camera so I had to resort to using the cellyphone, sorry for the potato picture quality!

Okay yes, I realize how creepy and 14-year-old-girl-y I look here...I'm sorry! I don't like my picture taken...even by me! lol

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I am so enamored of this dress. Not even lying, if you would make one for me with (relatively) the same fabrics I would pay you. I. Love. High waisted skirts/dresses like this.


    And you're super talented.


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