Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Old Rake Belt Hanger!

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I love going to yard sales because you really never know what people will try to sell, and what you will find! I found this beauty a few weekends back at a community yard sale for $0.50! I went to buy it and the lady selling asked if I liked gardening...I said 'not very much' and she looked at me funny, probably wondering what I was going to do with a rusty old rake head.

MAKE A BELT HANGER OF COURSE. I had seen someone use one of these for hanging necklaces (super fab idea!) and I figured I would use it for my belts.


All I did was scrub it off, and add some broken jewelry pieces I had been hanging on to! Super easy!

 Thank you all so much!



  1. Young lady you are seriously gifted. If you're not already an interior designer/decorator you should be. Love the way your mind works. Your posts here and on Pinterest are amazing. Kudos to you!

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