Saturday, September 10, 2011

DIY Anthropologie Bedding...From T-Shirts!

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So I pretty much would furnish my entire house with Anthropologie stuff if I had enough room and enough money. Seeing as I don't really have either of those, though, I have to resort to knocking it off myself. I have drooled over this bedspread for the better part of a year, but could never bring myself to spending $300+ on it.

I think what I liked most about it was that it was made out of jersey knit, which is unbelievably comfortable, especially for bedding. Which got me to thinkin'...'What else is made from jersey knit that you can find a bunch of probably at a thrift store???'



So I picked up about 50 extra huge man t shirts for $30, and a plain white king-sized bespread that I already had laying about, chopped them up, and ended up with my own version...

IT IS SO SOFT. I was actually really pleased with how it came out! I am working on some matching shams, but I haven't got around to finishing them yet!

Some in progress...

Thanks for looking!



  1. I freaking LOVE your bedspread. I also love the SAME one and I've been collecting tshirts since I saw your post on craftster! I can't wait to get started. You've majorly inspired me!

  2. Beautiful and creative. You have a great imagination. I would have never thought to use a mans tee shirt in this manner.

  3. Are those t-shirts just tied in knots? That is freakin' awesome!!!

  4. so I don't sew much but HOW did you make it? Do you have a tutorial somewhere. I would love to do this for my daughters bed!!
    Great JOb!

  5. A tutorial would be so wonderful (sent over from Knock Off Decor)! Anthropologie, West Elm, Soft Surroundings - they all have these gorgeous duvets but with 4 cats, I can't logically spend $300 on one.

  6. I bought something similar at Target and was really disappointed. You made this for cheaper than my clearance purchase at Target and yours looks amazing! Please do post a tutorial! I was sent over from Knock Off Decor. :-)

  7. Absolutely gorgeous! I love Anthropologie stuff too-wish it wasn't so expensive. I bet it's super soft and comfy.

  8. I need a tutorial PLEASE! I love what you did with t-shirts! Since my husband lost his great paying job and now works for not even half of what he used to make, I am always looking to make or buy things cheaper. I need a new bedspread and I would love to make it!
    You did a wonderful job. Can't wait to see the pillows when you are done!

  9. I also would LOVE a tutorial. Honestly I am surprised that the quilt at Anthropology isnt looking a tad dowdy what with all of us drooling on it :) ...... and wishing.
    I am sooooo NOT a sewer, BUT I would really, really try.
    I was sent here from knock off decor. So glad I came

  10. Very cool! I just saw you on Knock Off Decor today and this is great!

  11. jordan, love the finished product.
    we have a tutorial for the bedding here:

  12. I want one! Are you going to do a tutorial. Let me know if you do! Awesome job. I love knocking off the cool kids ;)

  13. Love this! We bought the West Elm pintuck duvet and it was a disaster... the pintucks kept tearing just from regular use. It made me so sad, especially after spending so much on it. I'd love to see how you made these.

  14. Thank you all so much for your sweet comments! I posted a mini-tute on how I made the squares! Tell me if its clear!

  15. Love this! ... I wonder if it would work as curtains?


  16. This is amazing! I love, love, love Anthropologie DIYs. :)

  17. First off love that your sewing machine's on the floor, crack's me the out come of floor sewing....did you just tie knot's in the middle of the t-shirt and then sew tell love it.....Tammy in California

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  19. I'm actually really interested in doing this for my college dorm over the summer but all of the links seem to be broken and I can't see the images! I saw the mini tutorial and loved the rosette, but I'm trying to compare tutorials and would love to see what the full bedding looked like! :/

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