Tuesday, September 13, 2011

$1 Broomstick Skirt Reconstruction (Also, my dying experiment from the great beyond)

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So recently I've noticed its an almost impossible task to walk into any store and not stumble across one of these type skirts. They have like a jillion different names; gypsy skirts, broomstick skirts, witch skirts, peasant skirts and so forth. I just stick with 'broomstick' because its the least racially profiling. Bahaha, no that is just what I was always told theywereanywaymovingON.

I picked up one of these said skirts at the thrift store for $1...why, I'm not sure, but it sat in my closet for FOREVER and I never wore it. 

It really wasn't that flattering anyway, thusly it stayed in the closet. One day I snagged a few packages of Dylon dye (lovveeee) from a bargain bin in Sunflower Yellow and Bahamas Blue, just cause I liked the bright colors. I got home, and remembered, 'Yo Jordan, you have that old ugly skirt in the closet, go fetch it down and lets DYE.' 

Even though I'd never dyed (lol) before, I thought that sounded like a totally fab idea. So into the workroom sink went the yellow dye and in went the skirt.

Totally forgot the skirt wasn't white, and it came out this LOVELY mustard-gone-wrong color which was uglier than the original color.


So then I thought, "Yo Jordan! Just dye it blue, you have a package of blue dye!'

So into the workroom sink went the blue dye and the skirt. Well, HALF the skirt, I left it sitting on the edge and completely forgot about it, until 45 minutes later when it had only colored half of it.

And whadoyouknow? Yellow + blue = green! Forgot about that one too.


In the end, I liked the ombre effect, but not the shape of the skirt...BUT with some brainstorming and hacking, I finally managed to end up with something wearable :)


I love high wasted skirts! Whadoyouthink?



  1. Jealous!!! I LOVE IT!

  2. That came out super cute, and what a wonderful blog you have! :)

  3. I think that you are the epitome of crafty adorable. That's what I think.


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