Saturday, September 17, 2011

Suitcase Sidetable (IT IS YELLOW)

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I had a few people comment on the suitcase table in my previous posts, so I thought I'd just give an little overview of how that came about :)

I love all things old, vintage, and yellow, so when I ran across this suitcase in the thrift store a few months back I was ecstatic!

I whisked it home, with starry eyes full of ideas and dreams, cleaned it up, and...

...let it sit in the closet for 3 months while I hem hawed about what I wanted to do with it.


It would remain sitting in said closet until a few weeks later when I espied my mother dearest headed to the garbage with THIS PERFECTLY USABLE PIECE OF WOODINESS!

I almost grew a heart defect right then and there. Now, you can't really blame my mother for trying to sneak this into the trash before I saw it, because I have a VERY bad tendency to throw NOTHING away and let it be added to my ginormous pile of well-intentioned craft projects. 

So I was given an ultimatum; Either I actually USE the table in the next three days, or to the trash it went.

That simply wouldn't do. It was about that time that I remembered my suitcase...and with a little finagling and  sawing and sanding, I had a bedside table.

I can only imagine how confused the suitcase probably is right about now ;)

As to the logistics;

1. I unscrewed the original wooden table top and set aside (into the well intentioned future project pile)

2. Gave everything a good sanding with some medium grit sand paper.

3. About 2 coats of primer, 4 coats of silver Krylon, and 1 coat of Valspar clear enamel sealer.

4. I cut a piece of MDF to fit (snugly) the bottom of the suitcase, and drilled several screws through the MDF, suitcase, and into the table in a circular pattern. 

I can still open it up and store random stuff in it if I need to! 

Thank you so much, everyone!


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  1. Too adorable! I wish I had as good an imagination and vision as you have. Keep up the good work!

    BTW I love your bedside lamp!


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