Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ticket Stub Shadow Box

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Hello lovely people! So I stole this idea off of Pinterest; thus making this the first ever project that I have seen and actually followed through with! In my typical forgetful fashion, I didn't pin the original, but again I say, this isn't my original idea, just my version of it :)

I ran across an old shadow box I've had for ages, but never used because it was missing the back. 

I am a hoarder by nature, and anytime I go to a movie or event that half-way means something to me, I save the stub. I figured it would be a better testament to them if I fished them out of my bottom dresser drawer and displayed them!

A brief overview:

1. I cut several pieces of black cardstock to fit the back, leaving a roughly 1 1/2 inch opening at the top to slip the tickets in.
2. I cut the sleeves off of my brother's karate uniform (with permission!) and pleated them into some movie-theater style stage curtains. The top ruffle I attached to a dowel and glued it across the top, and the two side curtains I simply tacked down to the cardstock.
3. I found some ticket clipart online and attached them to the cardstock.
4. I brushed some gold paint on the box edges.
5. Put the new back on, and put my tickets in!

I forget how difficult it is photographing glass and not getting a reflection of my hand, face, leg, or otherwise in the picture!

It was super simple and didn't take long at all!


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  1. Found this on pinterest...This is the CUTEST ticket box I've seen yet! But the photos on the post aren't there any chance of getting them uploaded again? I've love to see all the photos as I'm wanting to make a similar box eventually when time allows. :)


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