Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My First (Scrappy) Quilt: Part 2: Top is DONE!

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I finished my quilt top today! I love the overwhelming non-matchiness of it...I'm not a matchy-matchy sort of girl, and I like things that are intriguing to look at. I would definitely recommend ironing the seams as you go along...I didn't do that until halfway through... o.O

I think I will attempt my own bias tape for this project too! I just need one of those...bias tape...metal...thingies :)


  1. This is awesome! Did you have a problem sewing the jersey along with the cotton? I always found that sewing jersey with a stiffer fabric made it all wonky.

  2. Great job! It looks super intriguing. I love bright colorful blankets to use as picnic blankets, if you are that sort of person. :) Good luck on the bias tape! It's not too hard to cut, iron, and apply, but the corners are beastly. :P I had to redo my corners many times.


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