Friday, April 13, 2012

My First (Scrappy) Quilt: Part 3: Finished!

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SO I FINISHED. *happy dance* I think this was one of the most fulfilling projects I've done to date. But, to backpedal a leetle...

I wanted to try and keep this quilt as low budget as possible. The t-shirts and scraps were free, so I didn't really want to turn around a by a bunch of fabric for the back and batting. So, after a little research, I read somewhere that some people use flannel sheets as batting. And who has flannel sheets for cheap and in quite abundance?? DIRT CHEAP THAT IS WHO. I picked up a flannel flat sheet and then a yellow regular sheet, for a combined total of $5. Oh yeah. Then I laid everything out in the living room floor, and pinned like mad. Whoever named safety pins was delsuional. Those little buggers are some of the most dangerous things on the planet. But regardless.

I pinned like crazy and then I 'stitched the ditch' on the horizontal seams, because that seemed pretty straightforward. SEAMED. HAH. No. Ahh. Sorry you guys...its early! Then I quilted down the seams of every third diagonal piece. So I got this cool chevron pattern going on in the back. I made the binding out of leftover scraps, squealed and cried a little while I tried to miter the corners, but, ultimately it is finished! AND. I was about 3 feet away from finishing the binding when my machine just DIED. Like, just stopped. I think it was trying to tell me something, but, anyway, I went and pulled my other machine out, which I purposefully keep in storage for a reason (Its name should be, Sir Drops Every Other Stitch Alot) and soldiered through the last of the binding. ENOUGH TALK MORE PICHAHS.

SO. Overall I am excited about how it came out. In my normal perfection-ist state, there are some things that I wish were different, BUT. I will so be making more quilts. 

Thank you guys so much ^.^

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  1. You did an amazing job! I have no patience for quilting. Can I send all my scraps to you to make a quilt? I'll pay you! lol. :)


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