Tuesday, May 1, 2012


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Alright you guys. I'm coming clean.

I, Jordan, am a delightfully addicted comic book nerd.

We're not talking, 'Oh I like to watch Spiderman sometimes' nerd. Its more of a sitting-in-the-movie-theater-and-yelling-at-the-screen-when-they-leave-out-important-facets-of-random-superheroes-that-no-one-else-has-any-idea-about.

I love Marvel comics, and after X-Men, the Avengers are definitely my favorite. Sooo I decided to show my Tony Stark love at the premiere this Friday with my very own Iron Woman Tee! (Even though Ant-man and the Wasp didn't warrant an appearance in the movie, EVEN THOUGH THEY WERE AVENGERS TOO)


I know what you are thinking. And YESITDOESLIGHTUP!!! What good is a non-lit Arc Reactor, I say!?



I picked up a red and a yellow t shirt from Hobby Lobby today, and a four pack of those 'tap lights' that are battery powered and you can hang them up in closets and so forth. I sketched out several armor designs, as there are several different suit designs, and then just top stitched the details. TOP STITCHING JERSEY IS NOT NICE. NOT NICE AT ALL. 

These were a few of my sketchies in progressies. He has had SO MANY SUIT DESIGNS it was hard to pick just one! I finally settled on the last one, as it was just detailed enough to serve my purposes :)

And here is me with my brother!

I am actually pretty stoked about how it came out! I didn't think to use interfacing behind my stitching until halfway through, and the seams are kinda whack, but I am still excited about wearing it!!!

Thanks you guys!


  1. YES!!!!!! This is awesome! I'm so bummed that my husband has to work out of town because we would totally do the midnight showing in some sort of costume. We spent our weekend watching The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man 1 and 2. :D :D We are definite comic book nerds here although DH is more so than I. He really loves the villains more than the heroes though.

  2. Sorry Repost: I guess i just looked at the pic and wonder wth then I read but you know what you can continue to use that if you were a jogger or runner at night. Go a head and make that a multi purpose shirt! ;0) I am not much for jogging though but that is what came to mind when I saw your shirt...Like you know the lights joggers wear at night...

    1. Ahahah! It is *so* great that you mention that, because I actually made another shirt just like this, with the light, except in white to use while jogging!!


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