Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sweater to Cardigan DIY

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I have seen the sweater-to-cardi tutorial (in various forms) floating about on the interwebz, so I thought that I'd give it a try! (WARNING. ALL OF THESE PICTURES OF ME LOOK LIKE DEATH. Forget the 'warmed over'...just death o.O)

I picked up this too-big sweater from the thrift store today because I liked the print, I thought it was quite delightful!

1. I laid out mah sweater. On the ground, like the hipster craftswomen I think I am. 

2. Cut a straight line down the middle. Or up the middle. Whichever you prefers ;)

3. Bias tape. Get some of that stuff. 

4. Cut 2 pieces the same length as the front of your sweater, WITH EXTRA LEFT OVER. Maybe 2-3 extry inches or so. 

5. Lay your bias tape, right sides together with the front of your sweater, along your cut line. Sew along your bias tape edge. 

6. Then, flip over your tape to the WRONG side of the fabric, pin, and sew along the edge of your tape. Again :)

7. (optional) I hemmed the sleeves shorter, because I have persnickety wrists. I don't know...its just a thing with me...I know...its weird...ehhh.
8. (also optional, but totally more fun if you do it!) EMBELLISH THAT PUPPY. You can add buttons, pockets, lace for the collar, anything, really! Add some of your own personal pizzazz!
9. OHHH. AND. I took in the side seams a bit, because I like mine more fitted.

Here is mine. I think I will go back and add buttons later, but the main embellishing I did was make pockets out of the leftover material I cut from shortening the sleeves. NEVER THROW AWAY ANYTHING. YOU MIGHT NEED IT SOMEDAY.  Ahem. :D

This is really a great beginner project, I think! Just grab an old sweater and some bias tape, and you are basically home free! Its mainly hemming, and who doesn't LOVE to hem, right? Right...? RIGHHHTT?? Sorry. o.O

If you make one, I'd Love to see it!! Go! YOU! Go get a sweater, RIGHT NOW. You can do this!! DO IT!!!

Thanks so much you guys!!


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