Friday, May 4, 2012

Of Half-Birthdays and Such!

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D'you know what I think this life needs more of? CELEBRATIONS. But not the usual, 'Oh yeah its your birthday, have a cake,' celebrations; the ones that everyone expects. Oh no. I'm talkin' the out of the blue, no one saw it coming, just because celebrations! THE BEST kind! 

So what kind, exactly, you ask? ANY KIND. You are only limited by your own imagination! My personal favorite, though, is the Half Birthday kind! Why? Because EVERYONE has a half-birthday, but hardly anyone knows, much less thinks about when theirs is! And everyone likes an excuse for a party, right??! IDO. 

I am posting this in honor of the single most beautiful and fan-flippin-tastic person I know; my best friend Rebecca :) 

She is, without a doubt, bar none, the most genuine, kind, lovely, and patient person I know. We met in high school and she has made my life so full and rich and laughter-y and wonderful. I know everyone says they know someone who is beautiful inside and out, but, cliche or no, this girl fits that description perfectly. I love her dearly, and she's that one person I absolutely LOVE surprising and doing random (if somewhat bizarre) things for, and, TODAY was her half-birthday! So I made her a half-birthday CAKE!

I surprised her at her haircutting appointment because I am kinda pro at the creepy stalker thing ^.^ Anyway, it was really no more than an excuse to get to see her, but it was fun regardless. Do you have kids? I would be willing to bet all kinds of money that you would go down in history as 'Way Super Rad Cool Mom' if they got to go to school and tell their friends alllll about how THEIR mom let them celebrate not one, but TWO birthdays in a year!

You could even plan a party! 

-Ask all the guests to wear half one color and half another

-Only serve halves of food (half cupcakes, hotdogs, cups of juice, and so forth)

-Start on a half hour time!

-And etc and so forth!

Don't know your half birthday? I used this nifty tool to figure out Rebecca' just enter your birthday and it spits out your half one ;)

She's wonderful :)
Seriously, nothing can make someone's day (no matter how old or young!) like someone they know recognizing even the most seemingly inconsequential things about them and turning it into a big deal. Everyone is wonderful, and everyone deserves a little partyin' just 'cause now and then :)


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